Friday, January 21, 2011

Where it all began...

5 months ago, the two of us were about as FAR AWAY as physically possible from being in a relationship…let alone engaged to be married. Most of you know my story so I wont go into detail but to sum it all up: marriage terrified me. I dated around but steered clear of commitment and if things took the slightest turn for the serious I high-tailed it outta there as soon as possible. I was frustrated with being alone but thought it a better alternative to getting hurt. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking for love, but love found me.

Body was in a similar boat. Dating around but “firing” girls after a week or so (as he would put it). He was told several times that he was “too picky” and needed to give girls more of a chance…but boy am I glad he didn’t. The two of us (sadly) had very cynical attitudes towards dating and marriage. I was very open with my sarcasm and he was always told by all of his friends that he would be the last one to get married. Then something happened to the both of us…and don’t ask us what it was because I'm pretty sure neither of us can come up with an explanation…Brody likes to tell me that I “cast a spell on him” but I will admit to no such thing.

It all started August 23, 2010. With summer coming to an end we were both going on one last vacation before dreadful school started back up. One of my best friends Jessica invited me on a cruise (that Brody had invited her on). I knew of Brody, (we went to high school together) but didn’t know him well but thought that it would be fun. When the time came to catch our flight I was feeling especially discouraged with the dating scene in Provo and wanted NOTHING to do with guys, so basically I saw this little vacation as a break from Provo. There were five of us in our group and the week that was spend on that cruise was one of the best vacations I have ever taken. It was full of “that’s what she said” jokes, embarrassing moments due to not being able to understand our waiters, dance parties, back tickles, food, swimming with crazy swarming/attacking fish, and sooo much more. Once we got home we parted ways…and deep down I was a little disappointed because I didn’t think we would all hang out again…but the adventures were to continue.

Brody and Scott moved into the same apartment complex that I lived in so it wasn’t too difficult of a feat to continue to hang out. Jessica drove out nearly every night and dragged me over to Brody and Scott’s to hang out (even though it was way past my bed time). After about a month of hanging out both Brody and I knew that there could be more than just a friendship between us. It was a hard transition for both of us, and we both were probably stuck in a state of denial for a while, but eventually we came to grips with reality.

If it wasn’t weird enough that we were both interested in each other, words such as “dating” “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” were definitely not part of our vocabulary. They were the unspeakables, and both of us dodged times when we had to speak these words. It was almost comical. Rumors that we were dating circulated and after a few weeks we finally had a defining moment.

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