Friday, January 21, 2011

The Engagement

On the third day of our cruise we were on Haiti on a private beach. We had a lot of excursions planned. We went on an AMAZING zip line that went across the water. We also went on a roller coaster with a killer view of the island and the ship. But my favorite was our snorkeling excursion (and not because of the fish).

Snorkeling is where it all began 5 months ago (on our first cruise). That was where we both felt like there might have been a slight connection between the two of us (a connection that we avoided for a few months) but a connection none the less. It was Brody’s idea from the start to propose to me while snorkeling.

So while we were out there Brody found a found a clam shell in the water and put the ring in it. Then he attempted to get down on his knee with a life jacket...wasn’t successful...had to take off his jacket while i looked at him like he was a crazy person. then, between losing the ring in his pants, finding it, then trying to make me realize what he was doing he mumbled underwater "will you marry me"... i was a little confused and didnt know what was going on since i was convinced he didn’t have a ring yet but he was pretty adorable when he did it. Once we got back on the boat I quickly learned that I was the ONLY one that didn’t know that this was coming. Brody was pretty sneaky.
My ring is beautiful; I couldn’t have picked a better one out myself. I’m grateful for someone who loves me enough to do special things like this for me, someone who adores me, treats me well and who has patience and puts up with me.

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