Friday, January 21, 2011

Isn't It Ironic...

After about a month of this dancing around the DTR moment we finally grew up and decided to make things official. We even went as far as changing our relationship status on facebook (that’s when everyone knew something was serious). Everyone knows that nothing is real until its facebook official. It surprised everyone…I was the first girl that lasted more than 2 weeks in Brody’s world, and I hadn’t felt this comfortable with anyone in a long long time. Things continued to move fast for the both of us. Sometimes it felt like a cruel joke because we had turned into EXACTLY the type of people we had always made fun of! We both laughed at those couples (that are seen all too often at BYU) that date for a few weeks and then get engaged. One time in church, one of my friends got up at the pulpit to announce his engagement and I (unintentionally) blurted out the words “oh barf” right after he announced it. It was definlety one of those times where what I thought I said in my head ended up coming out of my mouth.

Regardless, we were becoming exactly what we had joked about for so long. And if the whole relationship step wasn’t weird enough for everyone around us and ourselves…imagine the irony when we both started to think about the “L” word….

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