Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Running Thin"

As the semester presses on I am starting to feel the pressure of getting married in less than two months. It is an exciting time for me but also a time where my “to do” list continues to grow daily. Aside from the planning part (music, decorations, dresses, favors, pictures, tuxedos, accessories, out of town guests, addresses, flowers…the list goes on and on), I also have to worry about selling my contract for my apartment, fulfilling my church callings, training for my new job, oh and not to leave out the tiny detail of graduating form college and keeping my 3.9 GPA. IT’S A LOT OF WORK!

But for some reason I didn’t think that I had enough on my plate….so….I decided to compete in a triathlon in March. I know, I am crazy. I’ve been trying to stay in shape, and a triathlon has been my goal for years. I know perfectly well that after I get married, the chances of me completing one go down a lot…so it’s now or never. Do or die (or maybe do and die…not sure).

The other day, as I was stressing out over my full plate I decided to look at the course I will be running (well swimming, biking and running technically). This did not help my anxiety AT ALL. I found out that the entire course is up hill…gaining nearly 2500 feet in elevation. To add to that, the water temperature is ridiculously cold (my brother warned me that that cold of water can make you disoriented when you swim in it). It was at this point that I broke down, called my mom and got a good cry out.

So what do I do? Well I could make it easier on myself and back out of the race….but that’s not me. I’m notorious for doing more than I should and I'm not stopping now. So here I come, 2 a day workouts starting at 6 am. Spin class, swimming, sprint intervals, hill climbs, lifting, trainer, long bike rides (all up hill of course). I’m gonna do this baby and I'm gonna do her well. Its crunch time.

I guess I'm really “running thin” right now time wise, but hopefully come April I will have given that a more literal meaning and see the pay off. Wish me luck!


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  1. Girl keep up that good work with the lord on your side nothing can stand in your way!! Not even sore muscles or being so dang tired that you don't think that you can stay awake in class!! Preying for ya girl!! Love Kandi and Jason Bergeron