Thursday, February 17, 2011

For my favorite part of the night Brody took me up to Deer Creek which was obviously completely frozen over. We walked out on the lake…which was a little creepy because the weather had been so abnormally warm that the lake was starting to crack. On top of that it was making this weird/creepy noise with every step we took….

It was while we were up there that Brody pulled out yet another surprise for me. More flowers…gosh it was my lucky day. These flowers were three roses, two red and a pink (that was supposed to be white but long story short: the white was dying so pink it was). Around the vase was a card Brody had made describing the symbolism behind these flowers as well as several reasons why he loves me. And as embarrassed as I am to admit this…it made me cry it was so cute….IM NOT A CRIER…ok maybe sometimes but that’s aside the point.

The card explained that the three roses were symbolic of our relationship. The two red ones symbolized us and the romantic portion of the trio. The other “white” rose represented the pure and holy part of the trio, the Lord. The white rose was placed above the two red ones because He is above us and watches over us. He is the reason why we have each other and so that is why He needed to be included on our Valentines Day.

I am so grateful for Brody….he surprises me everyday and my love for him grows each and every second I am with him. This Valentines Day was so amazing and im looking forward to the many many in the future that we will have together. And some people might not be able to believe it…but it was kind of easy to have my mindset of this holiday change from feeling the urge to vomit when I saw couples around me celebrating it…to now feelings of excitement and anticipation for the future.

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