Friday, May 20, 2011

"Its a Pleasure"

So for our Honeymoon Brody and I went to Cabo San Lucas for a week and it was AMAZING. It started off with a 4 am wakeup call so we could catch our 6 am about an early start. But the flights were not bad and before we knew it we were at our hotel in Cabo. We stayed at the Dreams all inclusive hotel and if you are wondering where I got the title for this post, it's because every worker there would respond with "its a pleasure" anytime you asked them anything. I was beginning to think it was the only English they knew.

Another thing that was annoying (yet entertaining) was the fact that for the life of them they couldnt ever get Brodys name right. They started calling us Mr. and Mrs. Barber because we booked the hotel under my account. But we told them that it was Day...but they for some reason thought that was Brodys first name. so the two names he went by in mexico were either "Mr. Barber" or even better "Mr. Dale Day Brody." we couldnt figure it out and obviously neither could they but we got a kick out of it. Our hotel was right on the beach and the waves were incredible. some days they were at least 10 ft and would crash right on the beach (shaking the ground beneath you).

A few of the most memorable things (good and bad) were:

1. Swimming with dolphins

2. Going deep sea fishing

3. Getting ripped off by the deep sea fishermen
4. Getting ripped off at every ATM we went to (and having a lovely bill to clear up when we got back)
5. Being bugged by people trying to sell you crap
6. Romantic dinner for the two of us on the beach

7. Huge nice rooms with balconys so we could listen to the waves

8. Having a sea lion jump up onto the back of our boat

9. Holding a baby lion cub!!!! my favorite

10. Having them decorate our room for our honeymoon

11. Lauging everytime they didnt get Brody's name wrong

12. Getting sunburned on the first day
13. Going on a snorkeling trip and seeing a ton of fish

14. Going Kyaking in the ocean

15. Finding a casino and they realizing that it only had slot machines...

16. Seeing an AMAZING sunrise

17. Having some very good food and some very NOT so good food....
18. Watching drunk people make fools of themselves at the dance party
19. Seeing awesome fire dancers
20. Knowing that Brody and I will have many more AMAZING vacations in the future together!

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  1. How happy!!! Looks like a dream! Chris and I went to Cabo for our honeymoon too and it was amazing, love it. :D